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Dixie Brewing Company - New Orleans, LA

The only large scale brewery in New Orleans, the Dixie Brewing Company was established in 1907. The brewery resides in the 3rd ward of the city and was heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina. After the storm many efforts took place to try and restore the brewery. But to this day it still sits vacant, just as it did the day after the storm.

Dixie Brewing Company's line is currently being brewed by another brewery in Wisconsin.

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This very good beer has

This very good beer has recently shown up at the Von's (Safeway) supermarkets here in San Diego. According to the bottle label it's being brewed by Joseph Huber Brewing Co., Monroe, WI.

It's not the JAX brewery or

It's not the JAX brewery or tower that's near the Dixie Brewery location... it's FALSTAFF:

The Falstaff Brewery building has been converted into apartments:
(You can see the tower if you scroll down that page.)

Your information about Dixie

Your information about Dixie Brewery is a little off. The brewery was closed long before Katrina and it was not the only large brewery in town, Jax brewery which was about 6 blocks west of it. You can still see the JAX 60 foot tower from Tulane ave and the I-10. Just thought you might want the corrected info, I have lived here my whole life and I am 52

Love your pictures of what you are taking, I liked the photos of the Salten Beach in CA

Buildings are not very cheap

Buildings are not very cheap and not everyone can buy it. But, loans was created to help people in such kind of hard situations.

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